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Having trouble with your aerial or satellite system?
Not sure if you are ready for the digital switchover?
Unsure whether or not to get in contact?

Have a look at our FAQ for some common problems our customers experience and some simple things to check to see if you can resolve your problem.

Common problems

My picture is frozen and my receiver won’t respond

Try turning your receiver off at the mains for a few minutes and try again, it may take a few attempts. Just like a computer receivers can crash when the software fails to work correctly. If the problem isn’t resolved then there may be a fault with the receiver and you would have to get in contact.

There is no picture or sound from my Freeview box

A simple cause could be that the scart lead from your Freeview box has fallen out, make sure it is firmly pushed in on your Freeview box and TV.

My picture/sound keeps breaking up

This is most likely due to an aerial or satellite dish fault, mis–alignment or cabling problems. You would need to get in contact so we can resolve the problem.

I get an error message such as “No signal being received”

A minor cause of this problem could be that a cable between your aerial or satellite and receiver may have become loose or damaged, check that the connections are secure and the cable is of good quality and undamaged. Other causes include a mis–alignment or fault with the aerial or satellite or any amplifiers installed. You would need to get in contact if this is the case.

Possible causes of interference

If you live local to dockland areas or building sites with large cranes you could be receiving intermittent problems with your reception if you are receiving Freeview. An alternative would be to have a Freesat system or other satellite system installed.

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